initial reactions to PC(USA) reporting on same sex marriage debate


My comment in response to the recent Pres Outlook article:

I find it disappointing that none of the arguments in favor of same-sex marriage as presented in this article seem to come through a theological lens. Personally, I am in favor of same-sex marriage, and think that the church should offer its blessing to couples who desire it, and for whom it would be meaningful. But I do not think that we should say only “I want to marry my son or daughter, therefore the Presbyterian Church should allow it” or “I know some nice gay people so we should let them get married in our church.” The more significant question would be, “does blessing gay marriages and performing gay marriages further the cause of the gospel as we understand it?”

It is my opinion that doing those things would further the cause of the gospel by

1) celebrating love and faithfulness; by

2) making room for a diversity of people, all of whom God has created and celebrated; and by

3) keeping our relationship with the revealed word of God alive and moving forward as we gain new insights from our neighborly and cultural endeavors.

All those other things are good and true, but they are not sufficient grounds upon which to change the church’s definition of marriage; they must be coupled with theological and biblical conviction. It is my hope that these theological and biblical convictions in favor of marriage equality will be made public over the course of this week, as I have no doubt that they are being made in private.


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