Sunday Bagels


I hurriedly walked past a couple of kids sitting on the curb, guitar in one hand, and a half a dozen bagel in the other.  Without slowing down, I asked them, “Did you guys serve at the breakfast this morning?”

“Yes sir”, came the reply. “It was awesome!”

In a few hours, I will present three, maybe four young adult members of the church with six bagels & cream cheese (five if I eat one first).  Like our early morning guests, these well-dressed Sunday Schoolers will eat for free, in warmth and with company.

In a few more hours, young adult members of the church will return for evening worship and if they do, they will be invited to eat dinner at the church for free.  The dinner they will eat will be higher quality, healthier food than anything else that has been offered today.  It will cost more for 4 young adults to eat dinner on the church than it did for 20 homeless men and women to eat breakfast (an estimate).


… Imagine and Alternative …

Early morning breakfast is shared by all, with those hungriest eating first. It is followed by worship in a shared and diversified sanctuary.  Members and non-members, bank-rollers and welfare recipients, worshipping together in gratitude for the gifts of sustenance and community.

No division of the hungry recipients of God’s provision; not based on age, race, income-bracket, or anything else.  We are all the church, and we are only all the church.

The church is hungry.

The church feeds.

The church eats.

The church worships.


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